"Kuotai" Li Nian’s daily pregnancy, 8 months of pregnancy is as big as stomach, and the pawn of jewelry is so arrogant.

On the afternoon of May 26, "Kuotai" Li Nian shared a group of photos with her girlfriend on her personal social platform. She also happily wrote: "Famous comparison from Rabbit Bao’s mother, baby please check."Since she is pregnant with a three -child baby, Li Nian will share her daily pregnancy across the three differences, and now she has been pregnant for 8 months, and she will reveal whether the baby in the belly is male or female treasure soon.I want to look forward to it.

In the photos, Li Nian was wearing a half -ball head, melting exquisite red lips, wearing black skirts, small incense breeze jackets with stockings and boots. LOOK is so fashionable.She smiled happily at the camera and put her hands on the gesture of love on the pregnant belly. It was really moved by her mother’s love across the screen.It can be seen that Li Nianxin, who is pregnant with Sanbao, is very happy, I believe she can’t wait to meet the baby.

After Li Nianhuan’s three treasures, she has always been recognized as exquisite pregnant mothers. Every time she appeared in the photo, she was almost exquisite in makeup, and she was embarrassed at all.And this time with her girlfriend, Li Nian, in addition to wearing fashion, is also a good -looking jewelry to grab the mirror.

From the figure below, it can be clearly seen that Li Nian wore a pair of valuable earrings. The big diamond ring and the necklace were full of pride, and interpreted the "wide" side.

Looking at this perspective, Li Nian in the third trimester of pregnancy is the same as before.At the beginning of March, Li Nian exposed the VLOG during pregnancy and exposed the pregnancy month for the first time. At that time, she bluntly said that she was 6 months pregnant and he got 20 pounds.However, two months have passed, Li Nianzhen is not much different from before. Except for the growing stomach, the face and limbs have not changed.

A few days ago, Li Nian had also been happy to show the beautiful photos with friends who went out to meet. It can be seen that Li Nian during pregnancy was very fulfilling and satisfied. In addition to the usual home nourishment, from time to timeXiaoju is really envious of her broad life.

In these gatherings, Li Nian’s dressing and dressing are very mirrors, and their hands are full of "pearls", and they are full of nobleness.

After pregnancy, the heart of Li Nian was not reduced at all. Before, she was dressed in a pink look with a large pregnant belly.Seeing her fancy selling cute appearance, if it wasn’t for the pregnant belly too conspicuous, who could see that Li Nian was 37 years old and she was a three -child quasi -mother. The condition was so good.

At that time, Li Nian wore three rings with both hands, and the LOOK, which did not fall in the earrings and necklaces, was also eye -catching.Not only that, Li Nian also coded her famous brand bags on the same day, and it seemed that she was worried that she was said to show off her wealth.But her look is enough to show her nobleness and curiosity perfectly.

Li Nian has always been called "wide" after marrying her husband Lin Heping. For this title, Li Nian rarely responds.She usually protects her family very well, and she is indispensable for sunbathing and her husband. It can be seen that Li Nianzhen attaches great importance to family and husband and children.

Now she and Lin Heping are about to usher in a third child, and they are really happy for them.I hope Li Nian will continue to maintain a good state later, and the third child will be born in the future in the near future.Looking forward to the day she unloaded!

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