"Interpretation of Dreams" invested ten kinds of dreams that indicate disaster relief

1. Go to the temple to burn incense and worship the Buddha.

Dreaming of worshiping Buddha, I think that this dream is also very likely that this dream is implying that the dream will get the help of a noble person in the recent life or work. With the help of the nobleman, the dreamer will be able to smoothly be smoothPerhaps the dreamers will be able to achieve extraordinary achievements in work and career, and life will become sweeter and happier.

2. The watches I like to wear in the dream are broken.

Dreaming that the watch is broken, it is a good sign, indicating that the dreamer will have a good thing recently, and the life is very happy. If you dreamed that the watch broke, it indicates that the dreamer’s body is very healthy. IfIf you are sick, you will be cured soon.Hong Kong Master’s 2015 zodiac signs.

3. Go to the river to catch big fish.

Dreaming about catching big fish, fish represents wealth and auspiciousness, so this dream indicates that the family is healthy, and the dreamer will have good luck in the near future. Especially in terms of wealth, perhaps the dreamer will also pass by this.Full of a wealthy happy life.

4. The key is holding the key.

The keys in the dream are mostly considered to symbolize the solution to the problem, so dreaming the key is likely to be metaphors that the various things that the dreamer currently encountered will be successfully solved by the dreamer.The task that is currently executed will be able to carry out smoothly. Perhaps the dreamer will enjoy the fruit of victory in the near future.

5. Dreaming of the hair turned white in the dream.

Some people also think that dreaming of dreaming that the hair turns white is a good sign. It indicates that the current body of the dreamer is very healthy, and the dreamer will also live healthy and longevity. I believe that as long as the dream person pays attention to maintaining his body, as long as the dreamer pays attentionYou can spend a warm and happy old age.

6. Dreaming of flying like a bird.

Dreaming of flying, this dream may be metaphorical, the dreamer will be free from various obstacles and bondage in the near future. The road of the dreamer will be smoother.The current path of life has gone further and can achieve higher achievements. It is a good dream.

7. Dreaming of worship, burning red paper money.

Dreaming that he is burning paper money for his ancestors, this dream may be metaphorical that the dreamer may have been not going to worship his ancestors for a long time. China is a country that pays attention to "filial piety".Forget the book, therefore, it is recommended that the dreamers spend some time to worship their ancestors in their spare time. Perhaps the dreamer will also be blessed by his ancestors, and the road of life will become smoother.

8. Dreaming of losing money.

Broken wealth and disaster disaster.It is likely to indicate that the dream has lost money, it is likely to indicate that the dreamer will be a good luck in the near future, and the dreamer will be favored by good luck. Perhaps there will be many happy events to come to the dreamer, such as planningThe project has been successfully implemented, or has made new progress in emotion, etc. It is a good dream of auspiciousness.

9, dream of going on vacation with family members.

If you dream of taking a vacation with your family in your dreams, it means that your family atmosphere in reality is good and the family is harmonious.Children are filial, and the elderly can enjoy their old age. It is a good family state.

10. Dreaming of my grandfather.

Some people in interpretation of dreams believes that dreaming of the death of the grandfather, who mostly indicates that the current ideas and plans of the dreamer will be able to be effectively implemented. Perhaps the dream and expectations of the dreamer will be realized.Daili’s good dream.

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