"I’m pregnant" "How do you prove that the child is mine, do you have evidence?"

My name is orchid. I am 28 years old. I am single. I am not picky and my eyes are not high. I do n’t like it, but I no longer believe in love, no longer believe in men!

I am a rural people, and I also have a younger brother and sister. My mother worked at home to work at home. My father worked at the construction site to earn money. Our sister and sister worked very hard to study. Maybe I am not a reading., Brother and sister have a lot of good grades.

I did n’t go to college. I want to work to earn money for my brother and sister to study, but my mother told me to go to the kindergarten teacher. In the future, I went to teach children in big cities.Husbands are at least rich people in the city.

Later, I went to the kindergarten teacher and went to the big city to find a job after graduation. However, I found that the good kindergarten is difficult to enter. I can only go to some ordinary private kindergartens.

After teaching in kindergarten for several years, I changed from a girl to a big girl. I have been in love twice, and they have ended twice. From then on, I don’t want to find my boyfriend anymore and don’t want to get married.

My first boyfriend named A Qiang was a security guard in kindergarten. He just came out to find a job just like me. If you are not good at finding, you can find a security work to maintain your life.

A Qiang looks tall and thin, Sis Wenwen, white and clean, and looks good. Standing at the door can be said to be a beautiful scenery. It feels like he is a waste.

Because we were all young people just came out, we cherished each other, and soon came to a piece. At that time, we all lived in the dormitory provided by the kindergarten, but we secretly lived together.

I thought I had to pay myself, and A Qiang and I would be married for a long time. I would get married and have children.He was going back to his city, and I was shocked as soon as I heard it, and I asked, "You go back, what should I do? You can’t leave me, how can you separate the two places?"

A Qiangyun said lightly: "What are this? We are all young people. We do n’t just break up in the same place. We have not reached the point of marriage and marriage.

When I heard this, I fanned Aqiang and walked away. It turned out that he had always been playing, but I paid all my thoughts.

After two years, I met Aan. He was from a house intermediary. His branch was next to our kindergarten. I often met him from get off work. At that time, I just nodded and said nothing.

Three days before the Mid -Autumn Festival, the kindergarten sent Mid -Autumn Festival gifts. There were two boxes of moon cakes, a bag of fruit, and a box of drinks. I thought I could get back to the dormitory.When An saw me, I stepped forward to help me mention it directly and said, "Let me help you, go."

Suddenly I felt that this was so warm. Although Aan was not handsome, he was neat and neat, and he was not bad, and he was stronger than Ah.

I looked at his back, and suddenly I had a snack!

On the day of the Mid -Autumn Festival, we met the holidays together, eat moon cakes in my dormitory, appreciate the moon, and talk about it.

Suddenly Aan’s phone rang. It turned out that his mother came, and his mother was so loud that I heard all what she said. She asked if Aan had a moon cake to eat.Buy some delicious.

Aan said that she had a good life and told her not to worry, and said that she was eating moon cakes with her friends to enjoy the moon.

She asked Aan if she was a girl and a girlfriend?

Aan looked at me deeply, and then answered with a smile: "Yes, you listen." After that, I handed the phone to my ear immediately, making me caught off guard, I don’t know what to say, my face is straight redTurn.

I was embarrassed to say to the phone on the phone, "Hello aunt, we are eating moon cakes, happy Mid -Autumn Festival." Then quickly stuffed the phone to Aan, embarrassed to death.

After Aan’s call was over, I waved his fist and said, "Who is your girlfriend, we only know it for two or three days.

Aan suddenly grabbed my hands and said, "We only know two or three days, but we can often encounter it. We just nodded and said hello, but do you know? All the encounters are waiting for you.I liked you very early. "After speaking, Aan’s head was lowered, and it came too suddenly that night, and I fell.

We have been living together for less than three days since we really know it. The things are so fast that love is so wonderful.

I have gained love again. I think my life is so beautiful. I think Aan is better than A -Ah. Aan feels practical. I am worthy of entrusting for life. I am more attentive to Aan.He just listened to what he said.

I found that I was pregnant for three months. I have not taken safety measures. It is not that I do n’t like it, but I can only follow him. But I did n’t expect it to be so quickly, butI am very happy because this is the crystallization of my love with Aan.

Back in the dormitory, I immediately told Aian about the news of pregnancy. I thought he would be very happy when he heard it. As a result, his face changed after hearing it.How could the month get pregnant so soon? Are you wrong? "

I watched him with such a big response, and I was sure: "B -ultrasound is here, I don’t believe you, for more than a month."

Aian took B -ultrasound to say, "It is impossible to be so fast, are you sure it is mine?"

This is like a thunderbolt, I can’t believe that Aan will say this, I said sadly, "What do you mean? This child is not yours, so who is it? Do you want to be responsible?"

Aan said with a full face: "Who knows who is, how do you prove that the child is mine, do you have evidence? On the night of the Mid -Autumn Festival, you are not located. What are you pretending to be?Don’t take it too seriously when you come out to play. "

"Pap" I slapped over, and I was so angry that I was crying. We have been so loving in these three months. We are tired of getting together every night. Is it all fake?Why do I become another person when I am pregnant? Why do I know men like this, they are so irresponsible and love love as a game!

I said sadly: "You have to prove it, right? When a few months, when the child is cooked, you will know the answer. You don’t blame me to sue you."

A An said, "You sue, go to sue, everyone wished, I did not force you, you voluntarily sent the door, but now you say you tell me, you go to tell me, who is afraid of who?Don’t be a connection man. "

I have never seen such shameless people, but I did n’t want to see him for half a second. I pushed him out of my dormitory and tightened my door. I did n’t have any relationship with him in the future.

I cried a lot in the dormitory, I cried so much, sad, and loud. I cried in the world that the world was unfair. Why did I cry? Why did I cry for me to meet two bastards, one is worse than one, I cryWhy is I always hurt me? I cry my life, why can’t I meet a good man …

After crying for a night, I was awake, and I was tired. The next day I asked the kindergarten for half a month vacation. I went to the hospital early in the morning to make a flow of people and took a rest for more than half a month.I resigned and went home. I never wanted to go out to work outside the city. I want to find a job not far away from home and to go home to visit my parents.

In a blink of an eye, I am 28 years old. I have been working not far from my house. I work to make money and give my parents every month. My salary is not high, but I don’t like to spend money. I can store it every month.In the next, I save the money in the future. Although my parents are always urging me to get married, I think a person has a good life. I have a male and female friend, but I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t need a boyfriend. I think I think I thinkSingle is very cool, free, without pressure and constraints. I don’t have to worry about the emotional feelings will be in exchange for harm. I don’t have to worry about being abandoned. Here is a advice to the majority of girls to be clean and of love, protect myself, and protect myself.Keep awake at all times, don’t be stunned by love!

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