"I was beaten by my husband for 4 months", and the pain of how many people torn

I never want to admit my choice is wrong, but I really can’t pretend

In the incident, a woman in the video was being hit by her husband.

It can be said to be "chasing"

The fist is "not addicted", the husband faces the wife who has fallen to the ground,

I even fierce with my feet,

After the mother -in -law heard the voice, she hurried to persuade,

And I also hit my son,

In the video, the woman has been curled up many times,

But the son didn’t mean to stop at all,

Instead, because of her mother -in -law’s persuasion, her husband is even more powerful.

What is even more angry is that the woman was pregnant for 4 months at the time.

It can be said that this husband’s pregnant wife who has violence herself,

The nature can be said to be very bad,

But after the police came, the man did not realize his problem at all.

At present, the woman has been taken home by her mother’s mother,

And has sued the man,

After reading, many netizens think that this marriage is not necessary to continue:

Hurry up, especially the children cannot stay, and the children who cannot give birth to this gene are determined!Do your child, do n’t let your children have such a dad in the future, divorce quickly, otherwise the happiness of life will be buried

Men are too violent, and they divorce quickly and kill the child. The child has a man’s gene, which is terrible!Girl, hurry up and go home with your mother. Even if your marriage choices are wrong, you can’t be wrong in the back!The mother of a girl is so distressed!

Family violence is only once and infinite.Do n’t stay with children. Although the child is innocent, such people will be entangled with you endlessly, and doing things are extremely extreme.

It is said that persuasion and not persuasion, but this is really not good, you must divorce, and the child of the belly cannot be required. It is impossible for the child to give a point for a raising fee.Give him an old -fashioned care, this kind of man can do everything

Can’t imagine the 21st century, and there will be such a serious domestic violence incident.

But in fact,

Many women have experienced this kind of domestic violence,

Many female netizens "appear to say",

Frequent marriage is only the right time to stop loss:

Hey, my one is also from Jiangxi. I was beaten when I was in my belly, and then his mother and him pointed at my nose and scolded. I just bought the baby in my belly and scolded me. I didn’t spend much money.And it was the money my mother gave me, and then I could get this anger in a Tianjin person. It was useless to return to Tianjin with a big belly. He was useless!When they didn’t love me, I returned to my parents and then sued him to divorce. I gave up the child because the child had his gene in the child’s bones. I was afraid. I was afraid that my son would hit my daughter -in -law.

My family scum, Jiangxi Leping. I hit me once before marriage. I was aggressive. I planned to resign back to the northeast. Later, the mother’s mother was not strong, and returned to work again.Do it, I was violently stunned, and I dared to dare again. I had a cheap mouth after marriage. I was hit by my head.In the face of domestic violence, if you have no courage to "make an enemy", leave as soon as possible.

Like my original thought, I didn’t want to admit that my choice was wrong for several years. Finally, I was disappointed and chose to divorce. Now I feel that the current choice is right.There are so many possibilities, why should you torture yourself like this?The wrong person finds that he will leave and is responsible for his life.

In the video, this husband has already hit "red eyes",

Even my mother’s mother is not in my eyes,

Even if this kind of man apologize afterwards, it is not of great significance.

What’s more, he doesn’t think what’s wrong with his wife who is pregnant at all,

There are also many netizens who think that husbands and wives are contradictory and inevitable.

But this is a domestic violence,

There will be a second time for the first time, unless you can really change him, or hurry up and leave him,

High -quality single, better than low -quality marriage,

What do you think of such a domestic violence?

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