"I can’t tell outsiders for three months of pregnancy." It seems absurd, but there is other hidden feelings.

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Some time ago, my friend explained the gossip of the stars mysteriously, saying that a certain female star was pregnant and was picked up by netizens, but she did not admit it.She had heard of the tradition of "the stars can’t tell outsiders for three months of pregnancy for three months". She didn’t believe it, and felt that it was superstition, which was too ridiculous.What are you afraid of when you are pregnant?Unexpectedly, there was something.I quickly told my friends: "I can’t tell outsiders within three months of pregnancy." It seems absurd, but there is other hidden feelings.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo is still unstable. Speaking may make friends and relatives happy

Why is it better not to say less than three months of pregnancy?There is an explanation of the folk: if a woman is just pregnant, the news will be known by many people, and it will be angry with the fetus, making it difficult for the fetus to be born smoothly.Of course, this explanation can be called superstition and absurd.However, this is also a person who found it before that the fetus was prone to accidents in the first three months.Why is the fetus prone to accidents in the first three months?There are relatively authoritative explanations: the success of fertilization does not mean that healthy children can be born, because early embryo is unstable, and other factors of the outside world may cause early abortion.Therefore, the first three months of fetus is not stable, it is best not to mention, otherwise it is easy to lose people around you.

In the first three months of pregnancy, a woman needs a time to prepare. Too many people know that psychological pressure will be great

Women have just become pregnant, especially the first pregnancy.Psychologically require a change or an adaptation stage.At this time, if you tell others a large range, the people around you may give her too much pressure, such as telling her what she can’t do and what she wants to do. At this time, her psychological pressure will be greater.It is not conducive to women’s mental health, as well as fetal development.Of course, some women who are new to pregnancy just like to share and enjoy the care of the people around them.But this is another matter.However, three months before pregnancy, women first stabilize their time and prepare for psychological preparations, which will help to raise tires in the future.

Should I tell others within three months of pregnancy?

There is no doubt that after women are pregnant, they should tell themselves the closest person.Because the first three months of pregnancy is very important to women. If you can get the careful care of your loved ones, it is very beneficial to women’s body and psychology.More importantly, the news of women’s pregnancy is known by those who are close, and they can also make psychological preparations in advance to welcome the birth of children.If the family’s family knows the news, the family may be more united and more loving, and they can immediately change the atmosphere of a family.Therefore, three months before women’s pregnancy, telling themselves a small number of people who are close to this news are actually very good.


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