"I can’t raise a dog" was slapped, and the famous expert suggested: the earlier the more pets, the better

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Today, a pet at home has become the norm in life. Whether it is a cat or a dog, it will add some fun to people’s boring life.

Pets are a thing that requires time and feelings, especially those pets that have been raised from childhood to large, and they are inseparable from the owner.But sometimes, the owner has to face separation from his pet, especially after someone at home is pregnant.

When I was waiting for the elevator in the morning, a pregnant woman came over, and just a neighbor also went downstairs to prepare for a dog.

The pregnant mother hurriedly hid me on my side. I first thought it was afraid of dogs. After the elevator arrived, the neighbors also politely asked the pregnant woman to go first, but the pregnant woman said that she would wait for the next trip.

The neighbors were also very polite. I said that you put the dog outside first, and the pregnant woman still refused to come up. Finally, I said: I am not afraid of dogs. I am afraid that the dog will have bacteria. After I get pregnant, the dogs at home are sent by me.gone.In the end, the neighbor still asked me to get off the elevator with pregnant women, and waited for the next trip.

Such scenes are very common in life. Many pregnant pregnant mothers are afraid of bacteria on pets. Even if they are not reluctant after pregnancy, they will send the dogs away, and even when they see dogs, they will "detour.

In fact, the reason for pregnant women to fear pets is nothing more than a "bowworm" carried on the pet.

"Gow -shaped worm" is a parasitic, which will reach all parts of the whole body with the flow of blood, affecting the normal ability of the brain and heart.

If pregnant women are infected with toxoplasma, they will cause fetal malformations or abortion, which is also an important reason why many women are afraid of contacting pets after pregnancy.

In fact, this statement is too absolute!First of all, not all pets carry bow -shaped worms; second, even if they are carrying bow -shaped worms, they will not be easily transmitted to people.

The direct way to infection of Toxoplasma is: The meat that has been infected with Toxoplasma, such as the hair and saliva of pets, do not carry the bow -shaped worm, so as long as it is proper care, the cute baby and the cute pet can be both.

1) Pets can help children adapt to allergens

Academician Zhong Nanshan, an expert in the famous respiratory disease, believes that the asthma of rural children is lower than the incidence of urban children, mainly because the living environment of children in the city cannot be exposed to too much allergies.

A study in the UK also said that when children have a pet before the age of 3, the chance of suffering from asthma can be reduced by about 40%.

So unless those children who are born to pets, other children can have a pet, and the earlier, the better the pet can be raised before the mother is pregnant, so that the child can have contact with pets during the fetus.adapt.

2) Pets can drive away children’s loneliness

Nowadays, there are only children in the family, and even many adults are surrounded by a child. It is difficult for children to contact the playmates of the same age. Except for physical health, there is a pet in the family that allows children to have more joyful time and let the heavenly nature be available.Children who like small animals feel extremely happy.

3) Pets can reduce the occurrence of disease

Research reports from Polish scientists show that children who have pets in the family are healthier than children who do not raise pets.

Diseases such as fever and otitis media are obviously reduced by 20%-40%.

4) Pets can "anti -cancer"

Pets contain a "sulfur hydrogenation" that can effectively prevent cancer and some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Written at the end:

After pregnancy, it is best to discuss with the family’s pets. Especially for women who are still in the pregnancy stage, because the biggest obstacle to raising dogs in pregnancy is not a "bow -shaped worm", but an old man at home.

Therefore, if you can’t persuade your family, then you still give up the idea of raising dogs for the time being to avoid it difficult to give up.

Today’s topic: How do you place pets when you are pregnant?

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