"Husband go to drink, 3 children stay at home": Finally understand, the reason why women do not have a baby

After becoming a father, I understand that it is not easy for parents.

At home, my role is "half -job husband".

When the child is born, the urine is not wet, washing clothes, and the housework at home is basically my responsibility.

Make money to support their families and regulate the relationship between husband and wife emotional mother -in -law.

I love people in October, and the pain of giving birth to children is all present and participating in, knowing that women are not easy.

I think the relationship between husband and wife determines the family trend;

Husband’s responsibility, family participation, and responsibility determine the pattern of the family.

A few years when I have done an emotional consultation, as far as I know, including some cases around me:

There is no good marriage relationship with a husband with a relatively low family participation.

Therefore, when I saw this hot search news, I was helpless, I was emotional, and I was more distressed from the wife.

There were 3 children in the family, but the husband went out to drink.

The mother -in -law helped bring 3 children at home, and she borrowed a wolf at home.

There is no washing dishes, and the messy things are covered with the ground.

Thinking of such a family atmosphere, I felt helpless.

It can be imagined what role the husband plays in this family.

After I had a child, I almost pushed away from all unnecessary meals and meaningless interpersonal relationships.

In my heart, the top of the top are:

Family relationships, husband and wife feelings, family atmosphere, accompanying children and guiding children to grow.

Actually I can understand:

Why are the current women who are more and more unwilling to have children.

1. Disordinate relationship between husband and wife

There is such a consultation case:

From pregnancy to giving birth to children, and then in kindergarten at the age of 3, her husband’s participation in the family is almost zero.

At the beginning, her husband worked locally.

At that time, the woman was pregnant and until the child was born, her husband basically did not accompany her to the hospital for a checkup.

Only the moment the child was born, the husband left from the wine bureau and rushed to the hospital.

After the child was born, the husband did not ask, and even if he changed his urine to the child.

In order to escape the responsibility, the husband chose to go to work in a foreign country and only go home twice a year.

When a woman consulted with me, she said:

"If it wasn’t for the child, I would have divorced it long ago; this kind of marriage is no different from me alone."

In fact, their husband and wife feelings have long been "survived."

After reading this case, do you say women are still willing to have children?

In fact, in most marriage, the husband’s participation in the family is very low.

Some men think:

I make money to support my family is responsible;

When I work under pressure, I need social interaction. Women should be responsible for bringing children and doing full -time wives.

They don’t understand the pressure and anxiety of women at all.

Why do so many women have "anxiety during pregnancy" and "postpartum depression"?

It is essentially because of:

The husband’s care is not enough, and the emotions of his wife cannot be perceived in time.

2. The family atmosphere is bad

in other words:

Married women are unwilling to have children, which originated from the unconfident of the current family atmosphere and family relationship.

I thought of another case:

Women married her husband’s house for 3 years. As soon as the child was born a few months, the father -in -law died.

After the death of the father -in -law, the mother -in -law moved to the house and washed her face with tears.

She can particularly understand the fragility of her mother -in -law, the blow and helplessness of her mother -in -law.

Therefore, when the mother -in -law treats her husband as the only dependence, women have no idea of dissatisfaction.

But such a thought, because of her mother -in -law’s moves again and again, she became more and more dissatisfied with her family relationship.

How much is my mother -in -law?

Almost completely occupied the "belonging" of her husband.

Live with your husband, live in the same room, the same bed.

And she took the child to another room.

Not only that, there is only her husband in the eyes of her mother -in -law, and even her grandson is unwilling to help.

Usually her husband goes to work, and her mother -in -law goes downstairs to chat with others, or go out to eat with friends.

At home, she can only take advantage of her child asleep, simply get a little food.

And every time she communicate with her husband, her husband said:

"My mother is very sad, and I feel bad. Can you be considerate?"

"You people are too careful, and you care about it; are you not tired of working outside? You can’t take care of a child?"

After a long time, she was numb and did not want to care.

In the end, she decided to go back to her mother’s house and give them the family.

As for what she is in the future, she is confused, but she is firm: never plan to have children anymore.

Family relations and family atmosphere are also the reason why women do not want to have children.

When the environment of life is getting worse and worse, when a woman is more and more pessimistic about family relationships.

You said, how could she regenerate the child?

in other words:

Men have a sense of responsibility and responsibility. They can deal with the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law in time and operate the relationship between husband and wife.

Such families are often not bad.

you think:

Men hurt their wives, hurt their children, and have a high degree of participation in the family. He exchanged his wife’s gratitude and more love.

The two people have a good relationship, the relationship between the husband and wife is harmonious, and the family atmosphere is just fine.

We often say "home and everything."

What is home and?

The husband and wife are attentive, the children are sensible, and the parents are clear.

Such a sense of family atmosphere is good.

Only when the family atmosphere is better, the husband and wife’s heart will be better, and the family will get better and better.

I agree with one sentence:

"Respect your wife is to respect your mother."

When is a man who really grows up and mature?

That is, he finally understands the difficulty of being a parent, and finally can consider the problem from the perspective of his wife.

Men have the responsibility, the wife has a sense of security;

Men have a sense of responsibility, and the family pattern is enlarged;

Men give their children enough companionship, the child’s personality will get better and better, more and more confident.

The so -called family relationship is like Domino.

Your every move, one words and deeds, will have a certain impact on future family relationships.

Really smart men know how to run the relationship between husband and wife.

Those men who seem to be "I am very powerful, I am a boss at home, and I say one thing", my bones are all abundant.

I only know that at home, I have a poor attitude towards my wife and children, but I am very careful in front of outsiders.

Are you satisfied with family relationships?

What do you think of men going out and drinking, leaving 3 children at home?

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