"Finding China" Crossing the bridge rice noodles: a bowl of fresh world

China News Agency Yunnan Mengzi June 14th.

China News Agency reporter Miao Chao

"Crossing the bridge" is the crown of the Yunnan national diet. It is definitely unique in the "fire -free cooking" technology.

The picture shows a bowl of authentic Mengzi Bridge rice noodles on Mongolian City, Yunnan, Mongolian City, Yunnan, and the ingredients are perfectly integrated with soup, which is delicious.Photo by Liu Ranyang, a reporter from China News Agency

The broth in the large bowl of the big bowl, there is no heat on the surface, but because the soup surface has a layer of copper coin -thick thermal insulation, the temperature of the soup is kept above 95 degrees Celsius.Cooking cooked eggs, hot meat in 5 seconds …

When enjoying, roll a quail egg liquid in raw meat and put it in the soup. After the cooked meat, the chrysanthemum petals follow, and then the tofu skin, pea pupa, vegetarian vegetables … Finally put in rice noodles.

The picture shows March 18, 2020, Mengzi City, Yunnan, guests put various bridges and rice noodles in the bowl.Photo by Liu Ranyang, a reporter from China News Agency

Between a few siblings, raw meat and raw food are quickly cooked.The ingredients and soup are perfectly integrated. In addition to the delicious and rich, they will not destroy the taste of the ingredients itself due to long -term cooking.

"Chicken slices, waist slices, fish slices are extremely tender, and the soup is very fresh. It is really a stunner in food." "Senior Food" writer Wang Zengqi went to Yunnan to study Southwest University in 1939. He studied and lived in Yunnan for seven years.I have eaten a bridge.

The rice noodle is long and the love is longer.There is a thoughtful, kind -hearted Yunnan female image hidden behind the bridge rice noodles.According to legend, during the Qing Dynasty, Mengzi, Yunnan, was born hard in Nanhu, and his wife was distressed. Then he slaughtered chicken soup, cut meat slices, and beam noodles.The scholar came to wake up his wife and found that the soup surface was still hot and hot, and then the meat was cooked. The food was extremely delicious.

But to make bridge rice noodles, the process can be described as "torment."Wang Lizhu, the inheritor of the Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage Mengzi Bridge Microbato, told reporters that Tang is the soul of the bridge noodles. I get up at 3 am every day and cook the broth.Boil in the large pot. "While swinging a large spoon and stirring, take a spoon to remove the foam, and you need to boil for 5 hours."

Anyone who has been in contact with the bridge for the first time will be surprised by the size of the large bowl in front of him.The big bowl is large, exaggerated.

The picture shows on March 18, 2020, Mengzi City, Yunnan, the staff prepared the side dishes of the bridge noodles.Photo by Liu Ranyang, a reporter from China News Agency

Liu Wenqi, president of the Bridge Crossing Mi Noodles Association in Montzi City, Yunnan, said that the bridge rice noodles follow the complex procedures of the edible process and give the diners a sense of ritual."This is not only the law that ensures authentic tastes that must be followed, but also conveys a truth -it is not fast to desire."

"Tolerance" is a major feature of crossing the bridge.In the 1990s, Wang Lizhu inherited his father’s cooking technology in Kunming and Mongolia. Under the pressure of competition, she made a change for the first time and added chrysanthemum petals to the bridge rice noodles.The yellow chrysanthemums are not only beautiful, but also can relieve oil and greasy, clearing the lungs, and also show that Yunnan people treat flowers as vegetable culture as vegetables.

The picture shows the chrysanthemum petals in the bridge rice noodles on Mongolian City, Yunnan, Montzi City, Yunnan.Photo by Liu Ranyang, a reporter from China News Agency

In 2003, Wang Lizhu went to Shantou to participate in the national snack competition. "6,900 snacks! Chinese food culture is extensive and profound. I tasted Jilin crispy chicken and Shandong braised vegetables … What would happen to the bridge noodles?"

In today’s Yunnan, there are endless patterns of bridge rice noodles, and newly added side dishes, pine, squid, shrimp, ham, etc.

The picture shows on March 18, 2020, Liu Wenqi (left), chairman of Montzi Cross -Qiaomi Association, Mengzi City, Yunnan, to show the authentic way of eating the bridge noodles.Photo by Liu Ranyang, a reporter from China News Agency

It is commendable that the inheritance of the bridge rice noodles has become open and tolerant."My father adheres to the old rules, and the craftsmanship is not preached. My eyes are not good and have an albinistic disease.As long as you can endure hardships, you are willing to be taught. "

She has taught hundreds of apprentices, from Sichuan, Chongqing, Beijing, and the United States and Australia.Crossing bridge rice noodles are moving all over the world.

The new generation of bridge rice noodles also changed in a timely manner, introducing the concept of aesthetics, starting from the aspects of food environment, tableware selection, and set design, turning the "snack" through the bridge noodles into a diner’s "one person’s feast".

Liu Wenqi said that Yunnan is the "Grand View Garden" of Chinese national culture. The 26 lives of the lives lived in a rich and diverse culture in a land life and harmoniously.Deliciousness reflects the characteristics of the harmony of traditional Chinese philosophy. "

A bowl of bridge rice noodles, floating oil fresh soup, colorful ingredients, and the freshness of the world in the square inch.The diners bow, "cross the bridge" and eat it, it is comfortable.(over)

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