"Dry goods" tonic acid supplementation during pregnancy, read this one is enough

Friends who prepare for pregnancy are the most talked about when to start nourishing folic acid?Some pregnant treasure moms believe that it is not too late to replenish nutrition after pregnancy, especially many people think that "folic acid is useless before pregnancy, can you eat after pregnancy," is it right?When should she supplement folic acid and folic acid?

Let’s talk about folic acid carefully today.


1. When will the folic acid start?

I started eating folic acid after pregnancy. This idea is wrong.Folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin B. It has a very important role in the metabolism of the human body, nutritional supplement and energy supplement, and at the same time, folic acid can improve the quality and quantity of sperm.If folic acid is lacking, the chance of fetal nerve tube defects will increase, and the probability of spinal spine, brainless, lip and jaw, and certain types of heart defects will be greatly increased.

Women need to eat folic acid in advance during pregnancy to allow the body to reach the level of folic acid suitable for pregnancy. The nervous system of the fetus will be closed 28 days after conception. That is to sayBetter.

Folic acid is so important, so couples need to supplement folic acid at the same time in the first three months of pregnancy.

2. How much folic acid is appropriate?

Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines are recommended to supplement 600 microblotic acid per day for childbearing age.

3. How to tonify folic acid?

Everyone knows that food supplements are the best ways to eat, but for folic acid, we better supplement it through nutritional supplements.Indeed, some animals and plants contain natural folic acid, such as spinach, lettuce, apples, eggs and so on.

However, folic acid nature is afraid of light, heat, and sourness. Take spinach as an example. When spinach is planed out of the soil, the folic acid components are reduced by 5%.The method of ingredients is cold, at least boiling water, folic acid is afraid of heat, and lost 30%. There are only 15%of folic acid in the mouth. Then if we want to add 600 microne -grams of folic acid every day, we have to eatFresh, 5 pounds of spinach that just planned from the ground, this is obviously unrealistic, so it is not enough to rely on food to supplement folic acid alone. We must help us to meet the standards through external folic acid productsFor friends during pregnancy, everyone actually needs to quickly improve the folic acid content in the mother’s body. Everyone knows that 1-12 weeks of pregnancy are the baby’s brain development period, and it can also improve the immunity of pregnant women. Therefore, it is important to supplement folic acid.

4. How to choose folic acid?

Folic acid is also divided into ordinary folic acid and active folic acid. The general population can supplement ordinary folic acid. People with folic acid metabolic discharge or elderly women are recommended to directly supplement active folic acid.

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