"Dreaming of snow -white Husky entered the house, and found that she was pregnant!" The birth dream was so amazing?

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After pregnancy, the baby’s baby is really a big event for the whole family. Many treasure mothers will have a lot of strange dreams. They also believe that these dreams are related to the baby baby, that is, the "fetal dream" that people say.

Some people say that fetal dreams are communicating with pregnant mothers. At this time, some hints appear at this time, which can make pregnant mothers aware of the child’s gender.

Some treasure moms are telling their own fetal dreams, and they feel particularly amazing:


During pregnancy, I dreamed of three big white snakes.

For the first time I dreamed of planting flowers in the yard, and then climbed from other places a big white snake, I wasn’t afraid at all!

At the second time, I dreamed that I put on wallpaper on the wall, and the big white snake came again.

At that time, I heard that when I dreamed that the big white snake was going to have a daughter, when I dreamed the third time, I was awakened. I went to the hospital to give birth to a cute little girl ~

@Is it right?

I prefer dogs, and I sent the dog away when I was pregnant.

As a result, I dreamed of two dogs, and I have always been a big wolf dog. The cute little Teddy, Teddy also tied a bow.

I don’t know what to think, I actually took away the big wolf dog, and then gave birth to a little handsome guy!

I think the baby dream is quite accurate!

There are even more magical fetal dreams: Some pregnant mothers did not know when they were pregnant, so they dreamed of their babies. It didn’t take long to find out that she was really pregnant!

@语 呀

I dreamed of a white Husky, my mother, always following me, I had to go home with me.

I said that the family was small and couldn’t raise it. Let it not follow me. It still followed me home.

It didn’t take long to find pregnancy, and then gave birth to a girl.

@离 @别 离

I dreamed of a carp flying in the sky before, and Jin Chancan swimmed in the clouds.After seeing me, I became a little girl running in front of me.

Really a very cute little girl, I felt that she was particularly close to her, and hugged her. She told me: Mom, you kiss me.

I was still wondering in my dream, I haven’t had children yet.

Later, I found that I was pregnant for 2 months, but then I broke up with my boyfriend and went to abortion …

Some people say that the dream of fetal dreams is particularly accurate, and some people say that the baby dream is not allowed at all:

@王 小 王

When I was pregnant, I dreamed that a group of children came to my house to play. As a result, a boy stayed and said he wanted to be my child.Everyone said that I would have a boy, but after the child was born, he was a cute little princess ~

@亲 亲 亲

I want too much when I am pregnant.

I have a lot of dreams, I dreamed of Phoenix, and dreamed of tigers. I also dreamed of two little boys. I dreamed of a little girl once, and made a lot of dreams.

Later, a lively and cute guy was born!

Itself dreams are a little true and false fantasy. Linking with the baby will make the pregnant mother feel even more amazing, because the factors that look forward to and are now unknown make the pregnant mother more believe in the meaning of fetal dreams.

But pregnant mothers often dream are not a good thing.

This may be during pregnancy, and the endocrine of pregnant mothers has changed, and it is caused by mental tension and too much thought.

Therefore, if pregnant mothers often dream, they may have to adjust their daily habits:

1. Keep a pleasant mentality

Some pregnant mothers say that I have always had some fantasy dreams recently, and the scenes in the dream are quite scary, and sometimes they are awakened.

It is said that the day is thinking and dreaming at night.If the pregnant mother thinks too much and thinks too much during the day, and feels too much psychological pressure, you must quickly adjust herself.

Pregnant mothers can listen to some soothing music, not only can help the pregnant mother adjust the mentality, but also very good for the baby’s prenatal education!

Pregnant mothers can also do some mild exercises, such as walking, yoga, and swimming. They can adjust the body of the pregnant mother and help the delivery.However, when doing exercise, pregnant mothers must remember not to do difficulty in exercise, which will bring danger to themselves and fetuses.

2. Balanced nutritional diet

Always dreaming may also be caused by neurasthenia caused by qi and blood deficiency.

Pregnant mothers can not take medicine during this period, try to take some foods that nourish blood, such as red dates and brown sugar.

If the pregnant mother is serious, check the medical treatment.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can stay away from some terrible pictures and stories around the surroundings. They can follow the rhythm of prenatal education to ease their mood.

Pregnant mothers are in a good mood and good health, which is very helpful for the growth of the baby. It is even better than prenatal education and nutrition!

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