"Dragon and Phoenix Tire" how to say English?Sabenin’s wife said: IT’s a Boy and a Girl?

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"Fangxin Arson" Sabenin has been upgraded to be a dad

Still a pair of dragons and phoenixes

Wife Li Bai Fa Wen said: It’s a boy and a girl!

Seeing this English, are you a little dizzy?

Dragon and phoenix tires are two babies

Shouldn’t it be plural?

In fact, this is because of the question that everyone posted a previous article

Q: Is it a boy or girl?

Answer: It’s a boy and a girl

The And here means that you don’t need to choose a choice

The dragon and phoenix are born, and there are boys and girls

But according to the normal grammar, it should be said

They’Rea boy and a girl.

The baby is a boy and a girl.

So what should "dragon and phoenix" say?

"Dragon and Phoenix Tire" how to express English in English


Twant twins are twins

Dragon and phoenix is a twins that boys and girls are all

English can be said

Boy-Girl Twins


Raising Boy-Girl Twins Can be verychanging but it is rewarding.

It is very challenging to raise a dragon and phoenix tire, but it is worth it.

Also can also say

pigeon pair

pigeon / ɪpondʒɪn / pigeon

Because the folks believe that the pigeons have two eggs at a time, they are usually a male and one male.So use Pigeon Pair to describe dragon and phoenix.


A pigeon pair is born at the chengdu research base of giant panda breeding, Sichuan Province, on Saturday.

On Saturday, a pair of giant panda dragons and phoenixes were born at the Sichuan giant panda breeding research base.

Next, review the English expression of "pregnancy" with Xiaowan:

"Pregnancy" how to express English in English

The correct expression of pregnancy is:

I’m having a baby.

The expression of pregnancy in the dictionary is:

Pregnation: n. Pregnancy

Pregnant: adj. Pregnancy

So "I’m pregnant" can also be said: I’m pregnant.

In addition, in English

be expecting can indicate that the mother is about to be a mother, and the meaning of pregnancy


She is extenting.

She is pregnant.

She is explecting her first-born.

She was pregnant with her first child.

English vocabulary related to pregnancy

Implantation: bed

Ovulation: ovulation

Tubal Pregnancy: Washing tube pregnancy

Pregnation: pregnancy

ABORTION: Abortion

Ectopic Pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy

Albuminuria: proteinuria

AMNIOCENTESIS: amniotic fluid puncture

Due date, date of delivery: due date

Fetal Heart Sounds: Fetal heart sound

Fetus: fetus

Leg cramp: leg cramps

Miscarriage: abortion

Morning Sickness: Harmony

Pelvic: pelvic bone

Placenta: placenta

Polyhydramnion: Too much amniotic fluid

RECTAL Examination: Rectal Examination

Strech Mark: stretch marks

Swelling: edema

Ultrasound: B ultrasound

Umbilical cord: umbilical cord

Delivery: delivery period

Analgesics: analgesic relieving agent

BIRTH Canal: Products

CAESARIAN Section, C-Section: Caesarean section

Contraction: uterine contraction, contraction

Dystocia: Difficulty

EPIDURAL STEROID Injection: Extrathytosteroid injection

Labor Pain: Pain

Membrane Rupture / Water Broken: Broken amniotic fluid

Narrow pelvic: pelvic narrowing

Oxytocin (pitocin): oxytocin

Pitocin: can inject oxytocin

Premature BIRTH: premature birth

Premature Ruture: Early water breakthrough

Puerperal fever: puerdium heat

Vaginal BIRTH:

Baby blue: depression after giving birth

Brest feeding: breastfeeding

Bottle Feeding: Bottle feeding

Burping hiccup

Jaundice: jaundice

Postpartum depression (PPD): postpartum depression


Prenatal or antenata: before giving birth

ANTENATAL VISIT / Check-up: Maternal inspection

Menstrual Cycle: Menstruation cycle

First, Second, Third Trimest: Early pregnancy, mid -term, late stages

Due date: due date

Blood transfusion: blood transfusion

ASTHMA: asthma

Diabetes: Diabetes

Constable: Constipation

Nausea / morning signes: nausea / pregnancy vomiting

Ultrasound scan: B ultrasound

Heartbeat rate: heart rate

Urine test: urine test

Blood Test: Blood Examination

Blood Pressure: blood pressure

Down syndrome: Tang’s

AMNIOTIC FLUID: amniotic fluid

MIDWIFE: Chinese is called a mother -in -law, which is actually the nurse who is responsible for your maternal maternal during pregnancy. It is not a little nurse nor a doctor.

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