"Demonstration of the case" is caused by personal damage to CT.

In civil infringement disputes, the two sides are often easier to reach consensus and settle compensation for the obvious damage and losses suffered by the parties.However, in reality, many parties often have not perceived the potential damage to the suffering at the time. When they find that they claim their rights after the incident, they are very likely to have differences with the other party due to the responsibility of injury.Recently, our hospital tried this case together …

Case Introduction

At the end of 2016, Company A assigned two employees to the 23rd floor of a resident of a community in Hangzhou to install air -conditioning aircraft.When disassembling the shutter of the air -conditioning machine, the shutter window suddenly dropped, and the woman Xiao Zhang, who was resting on the bench under the downstairs, caused Xiao Zhang’s head and leg injury.After the accident, the on -site staff immediately called 110 to call the police. After the police station police inquired, the cause of the accident was that the two employees did not have the obligation of safety attention. When disassembling the air conditioner baffle, the number of fixed screws of the louvers started to start.Disassembling, this causes the shutters to fall.

The next day, Xiao Zhang went to the hospital to seek medical treatment and carried the skull and lumbar spine CT.One month later, Xiao Zhang found that he was pregnant and went to the Maternal Insurance Hospital for artificial abortion surgery.After surgery, Xiao Zhang and Company A failed to negotiate the compensation of the accident, there was a lawsuit.

Both parties claim

Xiao Zhang advocated medical expenses, nutritional expenses, misunderstanding, transportation expenses, transportation, and mental damage, and submitted corresponding evidence materials.

However, Company A believes that Xiao Zhang has only slight scratching, and filming does not cause the inevitable result of miscarriage. This abortion is a unilateral selection behavior. It is not the result of the damage caused by the two employees’ infringement. ThereforeIt should be borne by self -employed behavior. Company A is not recognized for nutritional expenses, misunderstandings, and transportation expenses.

Referee result

After the trial, it was believed that although the time for the small abortion surgery of Xiao Zhangxing and the time difference between the occurrence of the accident, the accidental accident caused Xiao Zhang and slightly injured.CT scanning was performed.Later, Xiao Zhang learned that he was pregnant. Although there was no written doctor’s proof that he should have a miscarriage, according to medical common sense, the mother’s acceptance of CT scan during pregnancy has the risk of infant malformation.Although artificial abortion surgery is a personal choice, it is directly related to the accidental accident, so the loss of the incurred should be borne by Company A.

Regarding the mental damage consolation requested by Xiao Zhang, our hospital believes that Xiao Zhang’s abortion is directly related to the accident. Although it has not constituted disability, it does cause emotional damage. Thereforesupport.At the same time, our hospital supports medical expenses, nutritional expenses, misunderstandings, and transportation expenses in accordance with relevant evidence.

After the sentence, both parties were convicted.

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