"Big supplement" after pregnancy?Reminder: Pregnant women need to do 4 points for diet, otherwise it is easy to make high blood sugar

After pregnancy, female friends do need to supplement various nutrients so that they can meet the needs of fetal growth and development.

However, supplementary nutrition here does not mean that too much nourishing food, otherwise the human body cannot fully absorb, which will easily lead to weight gain, especially foods with high sugar content. When accumulated over time, it will rise, and it will rise.Blood glucose, and then gestational diabetes, women’s normal life causes trouble.

Especially in the pregnancy stage, I do n’t pay attention to the following diet requirements. High blood sugar will come to the door. I hope women will understand in advance and avoid them.

1. Do not increase the calories additional heat

In order to prevent blood sugar from rising, the first thing to do during pregnancy is not to increase heat, especially to avoid intake of high -fat foods, otherwise it is easy to hoard in the body. As the fat content is getting more and moreThe value will continue to rise.

And it is impossible to do exercise consumption during pregnancy, and in the long run, it will even induce diabetes.

2. Eat regularly

The relevant experimental data shows that if you take too much food at one time, the blood sugar will rise sharply, and if it is in an empty stomach for a long time, the body will produce a carcass.Therefore, no matter the degree of hunger or not, pregnant women must eat regularly to ensure that the nutritional intake can be sufficient.

Of course, for female friends in the middle and late pregnancy, it is best to adopt the principle of eating less and eat more. Eat about 6 to 7 times a day. On the one hand, it can alleviate hunger and avoid rapid blood sugar increase.

3. Appropriate amount of ingestion of some sugars

When it comes to foods with high sugar content, it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise, so some people will not eat sugar at all. In fact, this approach is not correct. It may not necessarily be the most important in the body.Protecting the liver, and also helps to replenish thermal energy and body fluid.

Especially when you don’t like to drink water, glucose liquid can be absorbed by the body, supplement the water required by the human body, and relieve dehydration symptoms.

However, the amount of sugar should not be too much, and it is best to match some milk, lean meat and soy products in the whole process, because there are more proteins.

4. Fibrous foods

The so -called fiber foods mainly refer to coarse grains, such as oats, corn, brown rice, etc. There are more dietary fibers, which can not only relieve the feeling of hunger, but also avoid the rise of blood sugar.At the same time, common celery, spinach and other vegetables are also rich in cellulose. It is recommended that everyone matches it reasonably on weekdays.

Of course, in order to prevent hyperglycemia, you should not only pay attention to diet during pregnancy, but also adjust your emotions and insist on exercise, because poor emotions can easily promote adrenaline secretion, which leads to blood vessel contraction and cause blood sugar to rise.Proper exercise helps accelerate metabolism, consumes sugar, and then controls blood sugar within a reasonable range.

All in all, for female friends, pregnancy is indeed a very important thing in life. In order to ensure the growth of the fetus, in some cases, inappropriate ways are often taken, such as supplementing too much nutrition, but from a scientific perspective,This approach is not completely correct.

Because the human body cannot fully use the absorption or even cause high blood sugar problems, it is recommended that you pay attention to several matters mentioned above in order to smoothly spend your pregnancy and escort your baby’s health.

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