"Below" itching?Remind women: In addition to gynecological diseases, it is also related to these three major factors

In daily life, there must be many women who have experienced vulvar itching.

You know, the structure of women’s private parts is quite complicated, and the vulva is a very sensitive part, so it is extremely easy to be stimulated by various substances and pathogens from the outside world, and then itching symptoms.Once itching appears, it is often difficult to sleep and eat.

Judging from the current clinical information, itching of vulva occurs mostly in the clitoris, labia majora and other areas, and may also affect tissue such as labia minora, perineum, and perianal.

This kind of vulvar itching is basically manifested for paroxysmal, especially at night itching.In the case of severe symptoms, the vulva will also have obvious skin scratches and bleeding.

The cause of vulvar itching is very complicated. In most cases, it is related to gynecological inflammation. Especially after the patient develops vaginitis, no matter which type of vaginitis is suffering from the vulvar itching.Burning -like pain, itching, and abnormal discharge of private parts.

Because vaginitis is relatively high, many people will have vulvar itching, and they will think of gynecological inflammation for the first time.But in fact, there are many factors that cause itching of vulva. In addition to gynecological inflammation, the following three major factors cannot be ignored:

1. Can not be cleaned in place

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the structure of the women’s private parts is actually very complicated, and the urethral, vagina, and anus positions are quite close.Moreover, the reproductive organs will continue to secrete various substances. They are mixed together to form private secretions, and with the vagina excretion, the private parts are in a humid environment for a long time.

If you do n’t pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of the private parts, do not replace the underwear in time, do not change the sanitary napkin in time and clean the vulva, it will cause itching of the vulva;

2. Parasitic disease disease

When it comes to vulvar itching, everyone thinks of gynecological diseases induced by various bacteria and virus infections for the first time.

But in fact, women’s private parts will not only be attacked by pathogens, but some parasites may also survive and develop in private parts for a long time, including eusement lice, tapeworms, and scabies.If parasitic infections occur, especially after infection with pubic lice, the private part of the women will have abnormal itching;

3. Underwear choices are not in place

When many women choose underwear, they do not pay attention to its breathability, but choose sexy and better -looking types.

As everyone knows, if you wear too tight -fitting chemical fiber underwear and lace panties for a long time, because of their poor breathability, the private parts will be in a humid environment for a long time, which will cause itching.In addition, if you choose an unqualified sanitary napkin and a poor ventilation environment, it will also cause itching of the vulva.

In addition to the above three reasons and gynecological inflammation.If women have systemic diseases, they may also combine local symptoms of vulva, including diabetes, uremia, and vitamin deficiency.Therefore, after the vulvar itching, women must first find the cause from the aspects of hygiene and panties to see if they can be relieved by replacing underwear and cleaning the vulva.

If the adjustment of life has not played any effect, the vulvar itching has seriously affected his sleep and life.Or itching of the vulva is accompanied by other symptoms, such as odor and abnormal leucorrhea in private parts. This may be that the disease has found their own signals. Patients should be vigilant and seek relevant screening in time.

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