"Auntie" must be pregnant without coming?What should I do if I can’t get pregnant?

When a woman is pregnant, menstruation will stop and no longer "register".Is it pregnant without menstruation?

This is not necessarily.After girls were born, there were many original follicles in the ovaries.After entering adolescence, usually a follicle develops a mature follicles every month and is excreted from ovarian.The ovulation days are generally in the middle of two menstruation, about 14 days before the next menstruation.

Before ovulation, the ovaries produced estrogen during the development of follicles, and the endometrium was affected by estrogen and gradually thickened by about 2 mm.At this time, the endometrium of the endometrium increased, the arteries were thick and bent, and the connective tissue hyperplasia.After the follicles are broken out of the eggs, they immediately shrink and form a luteal.In addition to secreting estrogen, luteal can also secrete progestable.Under the action of estrogen and progesterone, the endometrium continues to thicken to about 5 mm.

This changes in the endometrium are prepared for the uterus after the egg fertilization. If the eggs are fertilized, the fertilized eggs will be planted on the endometrium (bed) and endometrium with the endometrium with blood vessels.Continue to grow and develop, and at the same time in the luteal

With the action of the body, it does not fall off, and there is no menstruation.

If the eggs are not fertilized, the luteal will gradually degenerate, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone decreased sharply, the endometrium suddenly loses the effect of hormones, and the blood vessels will continue to shrink, causing the function layer of the endometrium, causing tissue necrosis.Subsequently, the arteries were expanded, causing the capillaries to be acute congestion. The necrotic endometrium function layer was peeled off, and the mucus secreted by blood and cervix was discharged together. This is menstruation.

The menstrual period is generally 3-5 days. During this period, the function layer of the endometrium is peeled, causing the wounded surface in the palace. 6-14 days after the moon passes, the base layer of the endometrium is divided and proliferated, and the uterine base layer is divided and proliferated.Wounds, gradually repair and form a new functional layer.At this time, new egg cells in the ovaries are growing, mature, ovulation, luteum, and sex hormones, so that the endometrium is proliferated, peeled, and bleeds, so I have a menstruation again.The ovarian lined up once a month, and it has formed a menstruation once a month.

do you know?You may also come to menstruation when you are pregnant!

If the eggs are fertilized, the human body will regulate the secretion of hormones and maintain the endometrium without falling off, which will be mana.However, there are still the following situations that make it still have menstruation.

1. A small number of people still show "menstruation" after pregnancy due to insufficient hormone secretion or unhealthy uterine endometrium. Sometimes, I do n’t know for three months.

2. The fertilized eggs are not stable, and the placenta has not formed, and it is close to or in the coming day. There will still be mature eggs discharged, and then necrosis will be discharged from the body.Self -protection.

3. It may be ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy is also called ectopic pregnancy, but the early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are very similar to ordinary pregnancy. It also occurs symptoms such as menopause and abdominal pain.However, the biggest feature of ectopic pregnancy is that the fertilized eggs are affected by some factors.

Typical features of ectopic pregnancy are menopause, abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding, but not all patients will have these three characteristics, and 25%of ectopic pregnancy patients do not discontinue the symptoms of menopause.This is mainly caused by different types of ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, although some patients seem to have menstruation every month, in fact, the last time she so -called "menstruation" is not a real menstruation, but it should be abnormal vaginal bleeding. It just happens that the time and menstrual time varies much, resultingImagination.So they mistakenly thought that the vaginal bleeding was menstruation.However, during vaginal abnormal bleeding, pregnancy tests may be positive, so you cannot judge whether you are pregnant with menstruation alone.

Timely discovery of ectopic pregnancy requires timely treatment.Severe severe pain will cause sudden severe pain, and even the amount of bleeding in the abdominal cavity due to the rupture of the fallopian tube, the phenomenon of shock occurs, and even the danger of life.Therefore, female friends must regularly check the regular -orbit hospital after pregnancy to avoid serious consequences.

Therefore, although the menstrual age of childcare, the menstrual flow and time need to go to the hospital in time.Normally, if you bleed in four months, there will be a signs of miscarriage, and you must seek medical treatment in time.

If you are pregnant, you can’t take medicines randomly

Because Xiao C does not know that he is pregnant, he eats a powerful acne drug that may cause fetal malformation, so he can only flow away the fetus. Therefore, the beauty who are going to be a mother should pay attention to their habits and do not take medicine casually.Generally, women who are pregnant should go to a large hospital to find a good doctor to go to the doctor, and they should particularly emphasize that they are pregnant.Generally, the following drugs may not be noticed by some pregnant women, so everyone should pay special attention.

1. Strong laxative.Constipation often occurs during pregnancy, but it must not be used at will that have never been used before.

2. Aspirin.It is best not to use aspirin during pregnancy.Taking this medicine before childbirth, children born children are prone to bleeding.

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